Loyalty by Cap

HERE—http://www.flickr.com/photos/loisstavsky/3404843945 TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THIS.There is a point to all this bear with me .I want you people to fully  understand all the lies and Bullshit with Cap .Okay so I get back to NM and Buckwell  calls me and says Someone went over your piece  he said its Cap.I didnt think much ,then SK told me that Cap told him some kids went over it and he (Cap)decided to buff it.No pics , proof,nada,.The shit that is the biggest flag is what you probably notice they go over the COLT and SLIP but,leave the top alone?Are you fucking kidding me? Then of all the words in the English dictionary they just so happened to use the word CAPZ in the lower right corner?GETHEFUCKOUTAHERE!Then now im back in NM and Cap starts acting out he  reneges on previous things he committed to (MPC BOOK).I call Henry and Henry say,s after being filmed. Cap doesn’t want to be in the DVD he’s threatening to sue me.Quote he told Henry you have people conspiring against me Henry.Which is all BS.As usual Just his insecurity and paranoia.This all started end of 2008 MORE–

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