Steps To Making The Book.

The steps to getting this book deal

Book Proposals Rejections

Choices for Foreward of book

Actual templates for book&covers


Original map and shots


2 Responses to Steps To Making The Book.

  1. john volpe says:

    John a great task has been taken on and you aced it bud! it is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that you the young crazy 14 year old boy that was and still is a great friend comrade and , now an Author of a book that defines the real story about all of our childhoods and the highs, lows and tragic points of our lives you really put us in history foever with a script about so many life altering events is great!! We all should be grateful for someone who put thier productive life on hold to come back and return to a place and time of your life that many never left the neiborhood but died so untimely may (too many brothers, sisters who are finaly at peace too many to list) they R.I.P. It brings watery eyes to many of us true blue original pelham parkway, moriss park guys an girls its hurts!! John we owe you even though there are some that have it twisted they suffer from P.T.S.D. and will hopefuly before they too cross over see it for the way we all should and thank you!! John Volpe

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