Coming soon ,all the great people who helped build this crew ,who are no longer with us,,,Stay tuned..,We are working on it. It’s a work in progress.If I you have something about a friend or a loved one you want people to know email us.


One of the original founding members. M.P.C. was founded in The P.S. 83 School yard  Bronx N.Y. 1977 By SLIP,WEDGE,and SPEED.Speeds  life was taken way to fast he leaves behind 2 beautiful daughters and a loving family.Photo of Wedge2 (a reminder). More on Speed to come,


This gentleman is one of the reasons M.P.C. exists today.From 3rd grade to his untimely death at 23 years of age.Colt was not only the artistic leader pushing M.P.C. Forward in the late 1970’s early 80’s as seen in his original bubble ,and split letter formations.His real brilliance but, unfortunately overlooked by history was the whole train  painted called (Planets) circa 1980.The train dictates the direction the young crew was headed if not for the obstacles one’s faced with growing up in the streets of the Bronx.Colt also produced a couple of rare pieces for his girlfriend Lydia.All pieces of that era were from the infamous Martin Paints rack that he and Slip pulled off (The Sledge Boys).Colt’s death depending on the story’s was either pushed ,or fell from a  4 story window .The foundation of reason’s like many others of the era were drug and Alcohol induced.Sadly Colt died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.More on Colt to come.


KID 167 came into the crew through ACE5 they were classmates in Junior H.S. 127 (Castle Hill).The ironic part of this is KID167 introduced Ace5 To Rook2 who also has passed.Rook and Ace would later for a short span become partners.Kid 167 can also be seen  in Style Wars along side Duster UA. Kid’s older brother left me with this quote–(“I was 20 he was 16 when he died. It fucked me up for years on the surface,for ever in reality.”)More on Kid to come


The mighty Rook 2 Another peer who also went to JHS 127 and original partner of Ace5.Rook like Caban have the distinction of fully knowing the history of the 1st generation of MPC with Colt and Slip but,made there bones coming up with Cap. Rook was a true warrior of MPC as seen in the pictures of the era with Elf R.I.P. Caban, and Ace5 to mention a few.Rook like all others was taken from us way to early.More on Rook to come.


Ad can been seen in the movie Style Wars along side with Cap, Rook ,Blame, and others . Ad was partners with Cap after Kass1,Another brother that passed away before his time.Image curtesy of Ricky (Tac MPC),, Left to Right AD, Rook, Rad


What can be said of Elf that hasn’t been said? A true  renaissance man. A great artist, Teacher ,actor. Take a look at his pieces over the years from the paddle ball court with Des.To the  pieces  painted on the trains to the short video’s he was in . One thing is certain this guy was an original.ELF MPC More on Elf in the future,,


Another example of  someone taken from us way to early.When Slip went to New York to do a piece in homage to his partner  Colt .With no concrete place to paint Paulie SK made a call .It was Ed who got the wall to paint.More on ED in the future


Older brother of Paulie SK. Paws grew up in the 5 corners area  of Morris Park Ave. Coincidently lived up the block from Cap1.When Paws was a kid he started  a smaller MPC chapter with the younger kids of the nieghborhood.Sadly Paws was  another that  was taken from us way to early 15/16 yrs of age.More on Paws in the future,,



Billy 167 will go down in history as one of the greatest letter stylist in the history of Graffiti.Billy has painted with the who of  who’s in the big names of Graffiti  Ale,Lee,Comet Silver tips,  just to name a few. Although it is known that Billy had to endure his fair share of being bullied by some of his peers.If one had to guess it was because his ability’s far exceeded there’s.Shame on them!Billy’s lettering style has influenced generations of aspiring writers from all of the MPC crew’s work .To currently today as prevalent in the current lettering styles that the famous Seen UA uses.Billy grew up on Bolton st. Pelham Parkway area of the Bronx.Billy 167 is a true legend of graffiti! More on Billy 167 in the future,,

imageBUSTE- R.I.P.









47 Responses to MPC R.I.P.

  1. CJAY-SON says:

    great to see, got my attention..
    look fwd to reading more.
    all the best..
    MPC tree
    Cjay-Son one

  2. joe lillard says:

    thanks for all the memories; the older guys are all my friends. that picture at esplanade layups does not look like billy lude to me. also, billy came back w/some “lude 167” pieces that i did’nt see here. bobby matthews told me freddy colt was trying to go on the fire escape, but picked the wrong window {dusted}. i saw rock 161 aka hawaiian pete a few years ago on a tow truck; a car hit my garbage truck, and he showed up to take it away. i saw cap/sarge 34 a few times over the years too, but thats the only people. mpc was a slip and colt creation, the rest came later on. in case you’re wondering, like every other kid back then, i used to tag up. i was “J L”, and then “joe 2” {slip always calls me J L}. i was’nt hard core about it like mpc was, but i did go to esplanade once and get my throw-up on the 2/5. cap “toy”‘d it {it sucked!} and then went over it in like a month. feel free to give anyone that remembers me my e-mail, i’d like to hear from my old buddies.

  3. richie perri says:

    First off a moment of silence to all our fallen brothers&sisters a huge loss for us all as well as the grafitti world. I didt posses the artistic skills these true artists had, but was friends with PAWS,ED,ELF,& as a child COLT his sister dated my bro, he turned me on to graffitti. much respect to people involved in this site a great memorial to them all..keep up the good work lookin foward to more..i will look for pics of Frankie PAWS since i didt see one

    • mpcrew says:

      Thanks Richie,,

      • priyanka says:

        hi i have a few questions regarding MPC… if i may…. I write about stuff that has piqued my interest and graffiti is the present topic i am working on. Once i started to write about it i have been more interested in how it came to be

  4. Laura Katechis says:

    I remember Billy 167 I dated him when I was 14 he was such a nice guy when I heard he was killed it broke my heart because he didn’t deserve to die the way he did….he was one of the best artist out there and he was picked on too muh when we where kids it was a shame. It is nice to see and hear that people respect his work he would have loved to hear that.

  5. caban says:

    slip 3 you rock dude! john you know i have your back! Thank you for getting this book together ! A true brother and leader of morris park crew who has never lost hope for telling the history of morris park crew , with you this is possible , the most powerful creation lives on……………………. caban mpc!

    • Tricia M says:

      Caban – I am so surprised to see this – very cool – brings back a lot of memories from when we all used to hang out together….

  6. anthony says:

    Hey does anyone here remember my brother, Louie Fusilli a.k.a Crazy Lou ? i know he was MPC back in the days with rook and all them. Was just wondering, it would be great if you guys did remember him and got in contact with him im sure he’d love it!

  7. bacalaobx says:

    I knew Blame going back to our Pelham Parkway Little league days. Rob and I grew up together, we played baseball together, Sometime around 11 or 12 were both totally consumed by the Graffiti culture that permeated the Bronx. There was no were to escape from it. Walls like P.S. 105 school yard were covered with layers, and layers of names. Everyone we knew wrote or had an alias names like Tip, Tac, Sac, Evil, and Cab. We revered the older writers who were neighborhood legends, we had blacks books so maybe if we ran into “Cap” and “Vile” they would do a throw up in our Book. One time we ran into Billy 167 walking along Lidig ave. and he did marvelous piece in my book which was the essence of old school graffiti aesthetic. We would spend our days riding the trains looking to meet known writers, we would go to the writers bench, maybe run into Cop 5 and buy tray bags and smoke dirt weed and talk about the girls on Holland ave. Mr. Rob Devery was a true child of the Bronx he was born wicked lyrical sensibilities accompanied with razor-sharp comedic insights of life and people. A year before he died, he called me to that Echo graffiti street fair in Chelsea. (They had faux trains set up so writers can paint trains.) It was ironic but now we were the old school watching a new generation of kids running around with black books after legendary writers . We talked a lot about writing a book, or Documentary about our unique childhood about the train splatted days of the early 80’s . That was our dream that unfortunately never transpired.

  8. jamie wedge says:

    slip you got my back forever and always…………..i miss the old days and well,speed 3, my brother my friend forever……………MPC TILL THE END

  9. Jimmy Lynch says:

    SLIP, the more I look through this stuff the more evident it becomes how much time and work must have gone into this. Thanks for being a warrior and pushing forward with this. Reading about all the fallen crew members that I copied and looked up to, and the ones who were like my brothers during the CAP era really brought back a lot of memories. Incredible work my friend. I can’t wait to get the finished product in my hands.

  10. UNKNOWN says:


  11. WOW,,Giving the WORLD MPC History!! Priceless SLIPSTER,,(R.I.P) to the boys wev’e LOST.

  12. Farr06 says:

    How did Rook die? 😦

  13. Ghetto P. says:

    how did billy 167 die? he was super raw and ahead of his time!

  14. BOM5.MW.RSC! says:


  15. demo says:

    RIP JUGA/TAKE taken way too soon !!!!!


  16. Stacy says:

    Really great to see so many faces From the past. We all were truly a band of brothers. Thank you Slip for keeping the memory’s alive.

    Rail2 MPC.

  17. RA says:

    What happened to Ed? I used to see him all the time on PP. Always friendly and a good guy. I had no idea this happened. RIP.

  18. Michael says:

    Who do I get a picture of BUSTE on here?

  19. tagone says:

    happy holidays slip be in touch soon brother!!! TAG! TNCREW UA

  20. CHUM101 says:

    Good to get a bit more history, sorry to see that you’ve lost so many. Always wonderful to see another photo of Elf, in this one he’s wearing the T-Shirt I gave him from my brand I-Saw, which is touching. He was a very special and individual human being and we had a lot of fun doing a couple of artshows together (NY, London and Tokyo) in the Summer of 2003, he kindly let me crash at his apartment and I returned the favor in London. Long live the Viking Etiquette!!

  21. james pasquerella (aka reconempc) says:

    havent seen book but we deserve all the fun and brothers we lost tell ace 5 too call me good for u slip

  22. mark f. says:


  23. mark f. says:

    would love to check it all out , hope we will be posted when all is available , would be a blast .

  24. Anonymous says:

    Kid 167 will be gone 30 years next month. Died way too soon like so many others of his generation. If we only knew then what we know now maybe all those lost to their crazy youth would still be with us. No way to turn back the clock so all we can say is we miss you guys.

  25. BX4LIFE says:

    what happened to BERM & TUNE? Anybody know what ever became of them? Wallace had a Few MPC members running around

    • Jason Jon says:

      BERM MPC is right here 😉 haha. TUNE, EPIC were my closest boys. MK, VET, RISE, ROSS BMF. Wallace Ave and Arnow. Don’t know what happened with any of them. TUNE is my boy, been looking for him for a while. (Gerald).

  26. Rigo says:

    in the beginning of Style Wars theres a KID graffiti was that done by KID 167?

  27. STAR MPC says:


  28. Mike P. says:

    Funny to see old Pics – Im from North Queens ( always at Grandparents at 2840 Sedgwick and later Paul Ave across from Bronx Science and DeWitt Clinton Field from late 70’s to late 80’s every weekend – Dad died Mom had to get her groove on too!) – younger kids who write think that everyone was into rap and was a breaker wearing adidas and pumas but yo it was mad wild Honkys listening to Maiden, Slayer and DIO- yeah rap was their (certainly not Hip Hop)- but Guineys, Micks, and Jews all wrote (not Politically correct) – but its fine on here cause thats what we were! Nice to see a lil bit of the old true school flavor that I remember being remembered!!!

  29. Joe Cosentino says:

    Nice to see all the boyz!! RIP my childhood friends.

    Sane MPC

  30. Mark says:

    Smily 149 and Cap were my buddies. I hung out extensively with Smily and BS 119. I was down with MPC from the beginning Dark One and I can definitely attest they were not racist. I went bombing with CAP quite a bit. Had lots of fun

  31. Tjay says:

    Don’t forget one of the first members of mpc rock 161 . Nick name hawaiian pete . Slip ( john long ) and him were like brother . Rock 161 rip .

  32. Laura Mulhern says:

    Billy 167 was one of the sweetest ,kindest, guys I knew. He dated me when I was 13,14 years old .he was an amazing artist. When I had heard he passed away it was truly a sad day. I had hoped he found peace.

  33. BERM MPC says:

    Crazy to come across this. I grew up with MPC since I was 10. Always the youngest on the block and in the crew. Used to have to sneak out the fire escape from my 5th floor w..indow to hit the esplanade layups with my boys: TUNE MPC, EPIC MPC, RISE MPC, VET MPC…And believe me, many others as well. We lived up by Allerton Ave. I was 12 by the time I met CAP. We were hitting the layups and I had just finished a throw up when he said, “Now put up MPC next to it.” That was it! I went on a rampage bombing eeeeverything for the next 6 months! Met ROOK and hung hard with him (RIP my brother). AD, CABAN, DOSE and SWEETS, and FLINT…all crew members who I’ve fought or bombed alongside with at least once. The stories are crazy and many. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Now I live up in the country and own a business. Everybody out here tells me I have a hard bronx accent haha. MPC FOREVERRRR!

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