COLT -SLIP MPC finished

Where was I? Oh so anyway this was what i was able to do by myself.Cap and Des  couldn’t make it and i was going to paint the truck stop w Cav the next day.Cav got sick so the next day  so Cope2 called and asked me to come down to Boone and paint.I did and met Des w sickr and a few others .While there Des was getting all these calls from Cap about going back to paint the wall on Bolton  that i painted because Henry was coming to interview him for the DVD.So we finish and these guys head up to meet Cap on Bolton I stop by later that night and there out there in the rain piecing. Not Cap he was standing there while someone else put his name above the Colt and Slip.Anyway me and SK leave them be we come back to take flicks when they were done all good right?cant find the one i did w Des right now STAY TUNED MORE TO COME

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