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Originating from the Morris Park Section of the Bronx, The MPC crew as it’s known for short became established as a crew in 1977.MPC was part inspired by older neighborhood kids Shorty5 and John 150 and Colt and Slip’s Mentors Blade and Comet who were part of the Original Crazy 5 crew from the Parkside projects.

 Original founding members Slip3, Wedge2, and Speed3 R.I.P. came up with the idea while hanging out in the P.S.83 school yard. The crew really took off when another childhood friend Colt1R.I.P. Teamed up with Slip3 as they made their mark on the streets of the Bronx and later the N.Y.C. Transit system.  That sparked an interest with other writers in the neighborhood who joined forces with Colt and Slip and within no time put MPC on the map as an established crew. Writers by the names of Rock 161, Kass 1, Jim167, Pieces, Smiley, Vile, Ace5, and many others became what are now known as the 1st generation of MPC.

As the motivation of continuing to bomb the system began to Diminish for the 1st generation members .The leadership role was taken over by Cap1. The brief history of Cap 1 is his original name was ( Sarge 34) he was brought in to the crew by Kass 1 . Both of whom were original writing partners and from the 5 corners area .Cap 1 is undoubtedly the most famous figure to come through MPC and with good reason. No matter what stories are out there .Love him or hate him no one can argue the facts. Cap 1 was one of the greatest bombers in Graffiti history, during a time frame where Graffiti became warfare Cap 1 was not only able to whether the competition for train space he was able to thrive in it. That reputation enabled him to recruit countless members who all wanted to be down with Cap 1 MPC.

 After 1983’s P.B.S. documentary Style Wars was released that catapulted Cap1 and MPC into the stratosphere within the sub culture. Some 25 years later Cap 1’s legend has become almost mythical. During the years many people have come through MPC and started their own crews or moved on. Some more notable are, Med and Fayde, Terror161,(Jason)Cope2, Des, Ghost, Cav,Pove and others. . Anyway one decides to look at it MPC cannot be denied its place in the history of graffiti. During its 32 yrs in existence there have been a lot of tragedies but, also triumphs. When you talk about the history of New York Graffiti no other crew conjures up more stories and drama than MPC period! Morris Park Crew members can be found or credited in some of these existing publications – Subway Art, Graffiti Kings, Burners, Tag Town, and also Spraycan Art,,,


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  1. MTW says:

    Yo -you’ve got some sick old schooler coverage here. Word up from Melbourne, Australia!

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