Art Basel Miami 2012

Hello, Thanks for stopping by.This  Blog site is an extension of the book. Prior to the release of the book this blog will under go a face lift, there will be a video and an official press release,This is also where all the pictures that didn’t make the book will be put.There are several hundred.

There will also be actual newspaper articles, and elaboration on additional stories.There were a variety of reasons for this , The clarity of the photo,The sequence of chapters, crew members that didn’t want to participate,the legal aspects etc. And finally this is a published book. With that came the reality that we had to be realistic, we couldn’t make the MPC bible.

But what we did do was put together the full history of this crew with ample photos that span over 30 years with stories,quotes from crew members and famous people within the genre.All coincide with the history laid out in the chapters.

It is here that you the reader will have an opportunity  to ask (any question) regarding MPC or it members.It can be about stories you heard through the years,are they truth or fact? You can ask us to elaborate about a story in the book or an individual and their relationship with the crew.It could be about specific war stories during Cap’s era, the beef between Slip and Cap what really happened?. It could be about the making of this book ,who participated? who didn’t ?and why. It could be about members who are no longer here, how did they die what was behind it..It will be answered in the most respectful way .Nothing will be held back,We will do our best to answer All questions.Don’t get it twisted ,there is not another crew like it in the history of graffiti writing! The MPC Crew from The Bronx NY,Defining the word “Street”in Street Art since 1977!   MPC BOOK

I’m happy to say all goals were met, and the end result was accomplished regarding getting the history of the MPC  crew out there.With that said ,Its time to move on.This will be our last post on this site.If you want to see what members are up to check the links to the right for there individual sites. Thank you for the support of the site and the Book.Hopefully with  the additional stories,and images you have got a better feel for the crew as a whole.We had a great time in Miami. I want to thank All City paint team for the support and  great time,The Adjust gallery and Blade for there hospitality,and a shout to Cope 2 for his support.Peace,,

Miami Times

DSCN5742 (1280x960) DSCN5731 (1280x956) DSCN5730 (1280x959) DSCN5729 IMG_7630 IMG_4033 DSCN5748 (1280x960) DSCN5744 (1280x960) DSCN5743 (1280x959)

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One Response to Art Basel Miami 2012

  1. Steve Clark says:

    Hi John,it was great to meet you and Joe down in Miami.The book is amazing,everyone loved it!!!!!(much better than another t-shirt ha-ha) great pictures,just forwarded the link to Blade,keep up the good work,hope to see you again soon,take care…..Gear Crazy5

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