Light @ the end of the tunnel

Well?were finally here .I feel i could write a book on these past couple of years alone .It has been a learning process of not only about  myself but,a true test of sobriety, friendships, loyalty,and part insanity of  the people involved with this crew.I want to start by thanking all of you who have supported us over these past few years.As far as the book were off to a great start, .We will be taking a break from this site for a while.If you have questions ask now because when this all settles down it will be a closed subject.And all that will be left is the book and this site.We will be doing our 1st book signing at Blade’s solo show during Art Basel in Miami December 7th @7.00pm at the Adjust Gallery.More on this in a few weeks.Below is a closing note.Thank You again !

Under normal circumstances key word being normal.I would  not have bothered with a lot of the bullshit that I’ve had to endure this past couple of years regarding getting the history of this crew out there.But, really a lot of that BS has been the fuel for me wanting to pound it down there fucking throats,,I’ve heard stupid shit from why should he do it ?I don’t know you people have been sitting on your asses for 20 years ! When would be a good time? he cant do it! Really? When I say they? it’s a few individuals.And those individuals have been by far the biggest disappointment. It wasn’t the fact they didn’t want to get involved ,That I could have respected. It was the manner of which they backed out of it was what I couldn’t rap my head around.I saved every email .. Grown men who didn’t have the balls,common sense,and most important loyalty to the crew they represented.All based on their ,ignorance,and fear of the person they followed as little kids and where still afraid to stand up to as adults.That has been the biggest embarrassment for me as the person who started MPC,that they as members and now as adults couldn’t stand up for themselves.And that’s what makes them the biggest disgrace to this crew! This has little to do with graffiti but, more about life.Respect and loyalty aren’t just words you have to live by them or pay a price ,and sometimes that price can be quite costly as some will experience.

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One Response to Light @ the end of the tunnel

  1. anthony caban says:

    The story told was a must ..It wasn’t HISstory it was the truth …Not one person’s view of how some story should have been painted pretty ..Thanks john .joey kass billy ace 5 and many more for keeping the flame alive .. MPC FOR LIFE …The Most Powerful Creation …..

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