Black Book in da day

I personally don’t have anything from back in da day regarding Black Book work, So when Tracy posted these, it was a pleasant surprise, I mentioned before I could write a book about my adventures with Tracy.Tracy has a video of us from some interview that goes back to the 80’s.Ive been trying to get it before the video release of the book but, as some know it’s a process. There are some cool pieces that didn’t make the book by a variety of crew members that will be posted when the book drops,,Here are the names as follows by Tracy -CHI CHI 133, JERRY WS ,SLIP 3,REA..JIMMY HA HA .. COM 161 ..NOMAD TFO ..JOLT TFO. POSE TFO WS ..SONNY..T.KID..CEM…RIC ONE..BILLY 167.. SANTANA..TRIM…& TRACY 168

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