One of the greatest graffiti pioneer footage filmed.

In today’s day and age of the internet,galleries ,and self-imposed players legitimizing  graffiti on the back of street art .This video has become that much more refreshing.Since coming back into this Ive been amazed by the enormity of it all,I’ve also have had the luxury of being a sound board of discontent toward aspects of that enormity and some of the players involved. Some a little resentment perhaps,But you can’t hate people who have the ambition ,drive and ultimately help this so-called movement. The other side of that coin justifies a little of that hateraid, As a case and point Sascha Jenkins had made the point previously that there is an over saturation  in Graffiti books.He wasn’t joking! I have to admit that when we were trying to get this deal and it didn’t come right away I said your joking right? These guys got book deals under the banner of street art /graffiti but, we can’t?No hate just fact I thought who is this? where are they from?I quickly learned that no,This is the flavor of the week,Oh? this person is a fan of graffiti, he/she Bought collections of other people’s works.Or maybe they were photographers which in itself is all good. The problem is and there’s a couple 1 is it lessons the opportunity for someone who actually lived it to receive a book deal .A little biased? Yes I mean I’d rather read about the adventures of the true pioneers or the TMT RTW  ,UA, Tc5  hell id like to read about anyone or crew then I would someone who is a fan. Make sense? This not only minimizes there chances of getting published ,it also slowly dictates the truth and  course of that history.And when I say history I mean NY.Speaking of which Ket said to me Slip People don’t give a shit about history ! He may be right but,If you play baseball shouldn’t you know who Babe Ruth is? Anyway,Now a person that was  fan and received a couple of book deals, and wrote some  articles in some hipster magazine is being perceived by some as an authority/historian in a genre they never lived.Now throw some big money towards that genre because after all there is money to be made somewhere. And where does that money come by way of? What has graffiti been trying to legitimize itself as?Thats right! I knew you weren’t that slow an ART FORM.So galleries are now interested but, who are they going to turn to for authenticity? You guessed it the guy who was a fan and wrote a couple of books and articles.That person now is thrown into the title of a curator he /she is an official historian of Graffiti /Street art.Hey I get it they worked hard ,they interviewed,They were driven ,passionate,They helped legitimize this movement don’t hate.Yeah but, when your trying to be part of a movement that you helped start and are told you cant be apart of that show or paint that wall because its reserved for the wheat paste/stencil wizard from bum fuck Egypt .You can understand my frustration can’t you?

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