Martin Wong Graffiti Collection

We have recieved a lot of emails and requests over time, some strange and some cool this is cool.According to Tracy 168 Chi Chi’s Black Book she’s refering to belongs to him .Anyway straight to the museum. Who would have thought?

Hi, I’m cataloging the Museum of the City of New York’s Martin Wong Graffiti Collection. We have two pieces by Billy 167, one in Chi Chi 133’s black book and another in an unknown writer or crew’s black book. I have two questions. First, do you know Billy 167’s real name? We want his real name to include in our lexicon of graffiti writers. Second, did you take the photo of Billy 167 with the MTA id that appears on your blog? If so, may we repost the photo on the museum’s blog? We would credit the photo to you and link back to your blog. I’m working on a blog entry that describes the process of cataloging our graffiti collection, including the identification of writers such as Billy 167, who have long since passed. I would appreciate any information you may have. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Lauren RobinsonDigital Project CatalogerMuseum of the City of New York1220 5th AvenueNew York, NY 10029

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