Spotlight -Pesa

Spoke to this brotha a minute ago,he said he had drawn me up a MPC outline to rock,What an honor!  the last one  had been from Silk From LA whom i met through Else and Putos ,Anyway I will always feel a little bond with this dude because he was chill enough to have me paint at his home when I was on the comeback. The crazy and cool thing was I didn’t meet him here in NM , I met him in my  hometown ,not the Queens, not the Brooklyn ,but,THE BRONX! That is a Rock 161 quote lol,,Yeah man in Da Bronx! ,Pesa made his way outside of Burque and got put down in TNB by the legend TKID 170 whom he was staying with at the time, I got called down to the wall by Cope2. Pesa is the only writer from NM who got to see me in my own enviroment, and I think got an insight of my history by what was going on.There were a grip of people at the wall ,Case2 Crime79,Des,Mone,Det,Bem,and others,a very cool day,,That was in early june of 08 and later that month went to his house to paint.And i have to say its one of my favorite pieces ive done,,In Oct with my brother  i met through Bem at Acme  my other brothers Sofa, Amen and Went,So you see he is kinda responsible for getting me back at it on a larger level.So with that said check out some of these dope pieces from Pesa,,I had to throw in that Smash 137 for 2 reasons one is he from the town of Basel where there is a MPC chapter of Roise , Caze, Alis, and crew.And  two I’m a fan of his out da box unique lettering styles,,

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