Ok people where were we?

Thanks again! It is amazing with the lack of interaction and current posts the amount of people who still hit this site.It has gotten to the point of feeling like were not up holding our responsibility .So With that said we will get back at it .To what degree ? don’t know this stuff is work and takes the one thing we don’t have a lot of ,TIME!!!!!,,Anyway as stated in the past were not, interested in recycling the same shit that’s on every other graffiti site nor are we ,well ill speak for myself solely interested in Graffiti ,or those dreaded words STREET ART. After a while its like going to the  fucking dentist same players, and the  same shit for the most part.When its not, or if its interesting well put it up.We changed the page layout and are working on various things,pages,that coincide with this crew or relate to the history of this crew.

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