Henry Chalfant Remembers “King of Style” Graffiti Pioneer Kase 2 T.F.P.

Kase2 has gone, way too young, way too soon. We lament the passing of an artist because we wonder how many important works of art will now never see the light of day. Kase “left his mark on society”, in the words of Mayor Koch, and he left his mark “in society” with the tremendous influence he had on succeeding generations of young artists all over the world. Travel to any major city and you will see his unmistakable influence. He had an impact on culture like the great Jazz and Blues musicians of the last century.

Kase overcame great obstacles. He never gave up and he got up till the very end. He was a style master with lettering, a style master with the singular expressive way he used the English language. His very being emanated style, fiercely and sometimes with great humor. Rest in Peace Kase2, King of Style, Pharaoh of the Iron Horse.

– Henry Chalfant


Photo by Cavs SV

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