Bomb The Canvas Press release

The premier graffiti expo and art auction is back in Albuquerque featuring prominent street muralists and subway graffiti kings from across the United States. Bomb The Canvas 4 brings to New Mexico, straight from the Mecca of graffiti, Cavs, Slip 3, and Wane. Also appearing is California legends King 157, the hardest working man in graffiti art and Dytch 66 of the City Bomb Squad, one of LA’s most respected crews. Straight from Texas, Sloke One, brings his supreme wildstyle lettering and spray can precision. Next up, is Kaper from Phoenix, the mouthpiece of the southwest, showcasing his Azteca\Star Wars influence. Of course, all the Queens and Kings of Southwestern graffiti will make the trek to Albuquerque. Everyday the list of expected artists grows. All events will feature the Bomb The Vinyl DJ’s, the first and only DJ line-up composed of hard core graffiti writers, Kaper, Perish, Kayote, and Pablo 77.

Friday, Sept. 2nd, is the art gallery opening and live graffiti expo at the Factory on 5th aka The Kosmos. Graffiti and street influenced art from across the United States will display in two galleries. Utilizing the massive outdoor space, several featured artists will paint large canvases that will be auctioned later in the weekend. Also inside the gallery will be live painting on several large replica boxcars created especially for the show with the help of students from the Media Arts Collaborated Charter School of New Mexico.

Saturday, Sept 3rd, is when world-renowned graffiti art begins to take over Albuquerque. Several authorized locations across the city are designated for a style makeover. Maps to the locations will be distributed at the art opening. A once in a lifetime chance to experience the various styles and techniques developed across the United States, all in one day. Whether it is orbital symmetry, abstract expression, gothic calligraphy, print typography, acid rock, p-funk, galactic funk, or bubble funk; meet the people who invented or perfected the style.

Back at the Kosmos on Saturday afternoon, guest artists will discuss their recent experiences and challenges in the art of graffiti. Cavs will discuss his most recent publication, From the Platform, which many consider to be the sequel to the legendary Subway Art. Slip 3 will discuss his upcoming literary work regarding the infamous Morris Park Crew featured prominently in the 1980’s New York graffiti. Several art collectors, who wish to remain anonymous at this point, will discuss the art of collecting, preserving, and protecting graffiti art canvases and sculpture. On Saturday night from 6 pm – 10 pm, the Kosmos will feature Female 4 Thought, an art and sound collective of the best and brightest females, in the Duke City which includes graffiti artists, DJ’s, b-girls, among others.

Sunday, Sept 4th, painting will continue throughout the city. Sunday evening, 6 pm – 10 pm is the most unique and controversial art auction to ever take place in Albuquerque. Bid on canvases and replica boxcars painted over the weekend by graffiti queens and kings from across the United States. Art is the most secure investment a person can make, so come secure a pension for yourself, or college for your children, and help preserve the uniquely ephemeral art of graffiti. Speculate what a CAVS or WANE canvas might be worth today, and in 10 years. In 2008, Bomb The Canvas 3 featured the legendary portrait artist, El Mac. He sold original spray painted portraits and sumi ink drawings, which have at least quadrupled in value for a few wise collectors in attendance.

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