Massachusetts out and about,,

This is the best time of year to visit ,Kass lives in the Salem area yeah witches but, the history in this state is unbelievable,all those history classes and books you yawned at. Well when you start wanting to really know and understand what makes this Country unlike any other on earth this is where it all started with the true American revolution,,I absolutely love this place in the summer wouldn’t work for me in the winter,Id start drinking¬† but ,If i had the funds id get something on the water in Mass or New Hampshire,You can’t go wrong in a no tax state whose motto is Live Free or Die,,We didn’t get a chance to go to the North end there Little Italy which by the way is off the hook,,But i had a great time seeing my boy Kass and meeting Nest, it was refreshing getting out of the desert for a while,Here some pictures and they don’t do it justice,,The air, rain,water,green lush landscapes just beautiful in the summer,,,,Some Graff next,,


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