Break Yo self,, Elpaso Texas Pt 1

I’m not big on getting out of my environment but, this was a  trip that was defiantly worth it.Talk about a town that supports writers and their work,,Me and my boy LIL Rock headed down ran into our boy Sug,Casket, Gets, Perish showed up, and a few others from the 505.1st we hit  the Silos where the art show ,live music, and painting was held,I aint joking the silos are crazy!! you look 100′ from the ground up in the sky, the wind sucks up all the fumes and the music was  kicking,,,As night came the shit was like a big fucking rave with the music,painting it was very cool,,Rock started working on a piece and after work all week, driving all day i thought ill wait till the walls tomorrow,But, nooo i thought let me  knock out something  quick lol,, I should have stayed with my original thought.Because dude i couldn’t paint what i needed at that point  was a twinkie and a nap,,It was cool that Smooch was there it gave me a place to chill for a minute and be myself and get my bearings.On another note because  it has to be said. Some of these girls were just stunning,You would have had to be dead not to notice, not just at the show.The whole town,,We got out of there and these guys were like Slip let’s go to the after hours,Not only no but, hell no, I barely took a shower and passed out,,Woke up early next day and felt good.I wanted to get to the wall it was going to be over 100 degrees,I said jokingly to Rock damn i got to redeem myself from last nights piece lol,I was even going to change what i was going to paint but. I’m glad i didn’t, I wanted to do a piece that was true to my roots in terms of lettering styles, And I wanted all the new school cats  to see it, and my history,We get to the wall, Im not joking the wall was buffed in the shade and went on for blocks,,We were the 1st ones there  me, Sug  and Rock. We just picked our spot and started to get busy,As the day went on the writers came.Talk about hospitality these guys buffed the walls, bought out coolers of drinks,Shit what else you want ? During the day met a lot of cool people.I want to thank all the people who made us feel welcome and had us at this cool event Grave,Gems,Werc,and his girl from Peru,Sloke,and so many more, Shout out All the people from the 505 that came to represent, The support of All City paint,,Yo I can go on, just everyone,Would I go again? You know it!These guys know how to do it,,Here some shots and they don’t do it justice,,A great week end,,

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