Bin Laden Dead!!!!!!!

BINLADEN — Some People were offended by the fact that I was against the building of a mosque near the 911 site.Well i was and still am.Lets assume for a minute that the roles were reversed, and some years later an American wanted to build a mall near Mecca.And that mall consisted of things that Americans are found of ,and some of those things are offensive to others but, as Americans we have the freedom and right to choose what we do.Is it right that we do it regardless?That is like us Opening a Mall near Mecca  with Advertising on one hand women’s rights and on the other   a strip joint that just so happens to sell sexy lingerie and dildos., A restaurant that only sell pork dishes and apple pie for desert.A car dealership that only sells Chevrolet’s with a little ghost Buster sign that crosses out camels and with every purchase they receive a mandatory little American flag to put on their rear windshield just to remind them of our freedom of expression.This of course all  comes after we bomb all that  is sacred to them, kill thousands of their men women and children.Do you think there would be protestors in their country fighting for our rights as Americans?I’m just saying.Yes im all for freedom of speech and rights but, sometimes there has to be exceptions. And building a mosque near the 911 site is one of them .My opinion!

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