I was honored to have someone do a piece for me.Me and Bill go back to Junior HS 127.He hung out by Lyvere st. Same area KID 167 RIP is from.This guy no shit was the Black Book king back in da day.Another old friend coming out of the wood work who has caught the bug to paint again. When Some people who see middle-aged  men painting their name with a spray can they are baffled by it.Shit I get young kids who when they see me think im a cop they can’t believe i write Graffiti.Anyway its like any other activity you did as a kid that you have found memories of.You do it because you enjoy it,,And people who never experienced that just can’t relate..Oh well Tomato Tomata,,

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One Response to B25 -SLIP

  1. BiLL.. says:

    I caught the Bug again thanks to you.. Well BEM and Chop in a way.. See I gave the Bug to them as kids.. in the 80’s. Last year Chop told Bem I was on FB. Slip stepped up as Remembering me and the rest is writing on the Wall…
    B.. 25.. B** 25..
    P.S. John I love this Font..

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