I said we were going to touch on some things during this year.And this is all coming about now because  the blog is being hit heavily because of some events that have transpired.So with that you know I have mentioned the most viewed post is the RIP section,,Well guess which one has been as of late the topic of interest?You guessed it the  2nd newsletter.I recently reached out to someone to convey to Cap it happened .Some in my corner said Slip you’re a better man than me, I wouldn’t tell him shit!They were probably right but, that is how I live my life,  because this has never been about me . Although that what he WHINES to people.Needless to say nada .Well they can never say I didn’t try with him or others..Now lets get back to the news letter people said Damn Slip that newsletter .Well let me spell it out  again (1)I was gone 25 yrs give or take.MPC is the crew I started with some friends 2 of the original members aren’t here anymore.16 other people who put up MPC are  dead they are no longer here.(2)I gave an interview on the internet  (Subway Outlaws) sticking up for him after being gone all those years because he’s MPC.Over shit I had nothing 2 do with. (3)- I get interviewed in my house  by Henry on Film and what do i do?Stick up for him again saying quote Quik and Min are just as guilty! You will see, it will be released one day on fucking film!(4)I go to NY and this asshole has or goes over the piece I did for COLT an original member of MPC who is dead.The same MPC that this asshole repped .(5)I’m fighting with him and he’s telling other members who didn’t want to get involved ( Your with him or me)if they didn’t  choose he started threatening them. Middle age grown fucking men,Like its 1985 .As time went on 6 months, who can talk to him?NOBODY. It became more evident that in the years we were gone he’s been the elephant that nobody would deal with.Fuck that !I was not having it.To you he may be Cap from Style Wars a graffiti legend.That dont mean shit to me! I couldn’t give a shit if he was the pope!I dont put much stock in someone who’s sum as a human being is based on  the amount of trains they painted when they were teenagers!What I do put stock in has more to do with real life  issues and acomplishments.In my book You dont fuck over and try to bully so-called friends and think you can get away with it. And that’s exactly what he has gotten away with.But,again it wasnt going to happen to me.  Here is a lesson when you sling dirt ,prepare to get dirty!Well it got dirty and that dirt came on my behalf by way of that newsletter.On his behalf by all the shit mentioned above.But, 90% of it was documented facts really, the other 10% yeah it was meant to induce the same disrespect i  and others of this crew recieved.He’s still crying about it.His feelings are hurt,he’s a little humiliated. Well that’s a lesson he can take to the grave with him.Respect and Loyalty are not just words .You have to live by them or pay the price! And that price in some cases can be quite costly.As Ive mentioned we will be touching on a lot of  stuff.Its all coming finally coming to a head .All goals are on schedule,all checks will be cashed,and cards will be pulled ,,MORE TO COME

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