Original Colt- Slip Outline for the Bronx trip,,

I remember it as if was yesterday ,,I was pumped to be going back seeing the crew.Visited Tuff city with SK  that night those guys picked out the color skenme i was tired from the trip, Cap called me a couple of months before said he would like to take over doing the theme of the wall .i said sure sounds good.As time went on Cap didn’t get back at me .I like to have things planed this was a big deal to me .I called him I said what do you want to do ? he wasnt sure I said listen I got this Colt and Slip drawn up in Old English.I wanted average people to be able to read it.And I said I’ll take the Colt out and we can replace it with a Cap and well do a reaper with an MPC same color skeme.Anyway as time drew near he couldn’t make it that day he was in New Orleans on a job, nor could the guys from N.C. Des and Sickr etc.Anyway it was a great day a lot of people came out John 150, Blade Roach,Ale ,  Bronx news,a bunch of people,here it is

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