From The Platform By Cavs is @ Amazon get yours,,

If you want to buy a book worth collecting this is it! This is a book  For all writers.And one of the nice rare novelties is This writer actually lived it.Cav has painted with everyone who’s anyone. Blade ,Seen, Tats cru members, Iz the Wiz, Cap, Sento, Ghost,The list goes on and on,,He’s been down with  various crews throughout his career.And that career is still going strong.There are a few kinds of books out there today.The ones by people who had the foresight to see this was an art movement and documented some 30 + years ago Stewart,Chalfant,Cooper etc,which is great but, still weren’t in the trenches racking paint, breaking night as a kid, and all else it entailed as a  adolescent,nor a young adult.The other which I take my hat off to is they also lived it.But, more importantly had the business savvy, hustle, and drive .Those characteristics in some cases exceeded anything they actually have done during the train movement  in the 70’s-80’s, But have found a niche and over time through hard work. They have moved the movement forward through several books either a series or collaborations with other like-minded individuals which is great,,Lastly and bothersome are the biggest % of books that are out there.There  by people who never painted a Train,racked a can,or knew what a niagra cap was. Cav is a true student and master of graffiti unlike owning a collection of pictures that were purchased Cav is one of a handful that has taken most of his own shots,.And more importantly as mentioned above actually was hands on and  did it!In today’s day and age that is  rare, If your interested in knowing history this is your chance to own something very significant.There is no one (my opinion) out there that was in a position to be able to do this book.Meaning actually living it and most importantly have and owning most of the very pictures that are in this book,Just as some people are currently in a position to share their knowledge through lecturing and writing.It’s fair to say the Cav shares that same knowledge and in most cases exceeds most that are doing it today but, hasn’t received the opportunity .I believe after this book is released people will realize what a asset Mr. Cav is to this game .And if are smart will add him to the circle of individuals that expound N.Y. history,,,,,,You Heard?

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