Top Post since it was created (MPC RIP)

When the RIP page was created it was more of out of respect deal than anything else.If you would have said more people will click on that than anything else week-end and week out I would have said getdafuckoutahere.Well here we are and that’s exactly what has been the case.Think about that a crew over 30 yrs old and when people get on here they hit the RIP pg.Speaking of which I haven’t forgotten about the others Blame,KM,Mars,Rest, etc. I have pics but,I’m trying to get decent  people pics  to put a face to the name.Why? because they are after all real people who were about so much more than graffiti but, are all tied together by the same crew they repped.This is something that most people don’t know about .The other people who were part of this crew. And its obvious from the hits they want to know .Strangely enough most people don’t realize this has been the one of the driving forces of why I never stopped trying to complete a very hard and at times an unrealistic goal.But I didn’t quit.I’m not going to lie common sense and every aspect of the  reality of my current life told me what are you fucking stupid? who gives a shit? fuckem let it go. You don’t need that BS.Well all those things were true but, there was a couple of driving forces that wouldn’t let me do it.The fact that it was important to me it was a big part of my childhood.Its was the  whole right and wrong of it.It was The people who aren’t here anymore and particular COLT because well he was my friend partner,you had Speed who didn’t do much by way of Graff but was the beginning,You had  Rook who use  to sleep at my house with Kid 167 as kids and of course all the others that we didn’t know personally  We will touch on this subject and many more in this up coming year.Anyway again the people that matter,,,MPC RIP

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