Slip- Dose MPC

. I was just going send some old school flicks and the Rest in Peace one to Dose .Which I thought would be cool then i decided last-minute on Saturday afternoon that I would do a piece for him.Usually when i do a piece or 2 in this case rule of thumb for me if doing some character is keep it simple.Case and point when my boy Kass came down i did the character and Kass did the pieces. I’m not  going to lie It still took some hours, I been getting together a lot of info and it makes it hard when someone don’t have the luxury of email or a phone when they want.So I thought aight Ill send a letter with a little something . I come to realize even more since being back. All the BS with This MPC stuff, peoples  Childhood, whatever you want to call it means a lot to a lot of  different people myself included..If anyone made that clear to me it was people like  Dose.You know what they say if it don’t come out in the wash it comes out in the rinse.Well all that shit is in rinse cycle folks.

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