Acme Yard

Finished gate at Acme.I got this job because it’s the place I paint the most at .And in that time  I ve had several conversations with the owner about various things.Anyway he asked if i would paint his gates and i said sure he asked how much? I said i would do it for materials because he has been cool enough to let me and a bunch of others paint his wall on the side. I wanted to show him my appreciation for it. A lot of people   don’t realize he takes a lot of shit from some of his residential neighbors in doing so.Anyway i just wanted to as I said show appreciation.So i go to pick up money for the material i laid out after finishing and the lady @ the counter said he doesn’t want to insult you but,(he wasnt there)  he wants you to have this.She handed it to me and i said  shit he could insult me any time lol.He was kind enough to give me a very nice un anticipated bonus.After bitchin about the  money i spent on new tires i had to put on my car it made my day!

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