Where Are The Old School MPC?

I recieved an email from someone who grew up in the area but,since moved away.Anyway he  asks whats up with the other old school writers from MPC and names a few.I go on and say this one passed this one is away and so on.Then it occured to me I started painting again in what  begining 08.It got me thinking even before this blow out with CAP .There is  really no one in MPC left in the Bronx that does anything . Really Who is there?.The only true MPC member that did  for a minute was DOSE.When i say anything I mean produce work, ,Piece etc.Painting a throwup @ Tuff City doesn’t qualify.My point is I put up stuff by people like DES, BEM ACEPT,because really there the only guys from the neighborhood that are actually doing stuff with artistic content.That and the people in the Southwest that are killing it..The other circle of people  there in the Bronx,don’t,and haven’t produced anything other than the same thing they have done yrs ago. .But, in the end that history can only get you so far were talking graffiti.Last ive checked it hasn’t produced any millionaires .Because in the end  if the person producing that signature can’t produce something that people want to hang on a wall. How long will that signature be of interest?I mean were not talking  a John Hancock.Were talking  a Graffiti Tag or piece,,So when you ask what are the  old school MPC doing?My answer is nada !but, if you know of something worth posting let us know..

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