Finally finished in the North Valley,,

Hope everyone had a good Christmas,,We had some work lined up and with the weather in as nice as it was we took advantage.This was a job where to be honest, turned out to be harder and took more time than expected,1st the whole wall, 80′ of it was ruffled 1.5 in thick.Then the owner kept adding on requests.It got to the point where I felt we defiantly under priced  it.Then on top of that i wasn’t feeling it at all except for the cars and the sky,Chale did the cars ,I get to do all fun stuff like churches and houses lol,,Anyway good learning lesson people pay for what they want not what you want,,It all worked out in the end the people were happy and gave us a little bonus which was nice,,Here are some pics,,

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2 Responses to Finally finished in the North Valley,,

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your blog and flicker photo collection. I consider graffiti art to be a high form of art. I love the way you mix culture with art. Your colors rock. I am from Brooklyn and growing up–NY was grey and no one wanted to live here. Then art started popping up on trains-across bridges in the train tunnels–used to be great graffiti art in the tunnel of the D train back in the d ay. You are artists who love the hood and artfully embellish it.

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