Animal New York

Still get shit over there from me and Cap here is the latest.


Listen up Assholes like CHAPS ONE who is a nobody and would get their piece ragged by us just like evry other pussy. Talking shit on a computer does not make you anything just a pussy typing on the computer talking shit that nobody cares what you think or say because you are a nobody. As for CAP he is a KING and nobody talking shit on this site about him matters because what you did on the train in your career he did in one week SLIP including. Writers did not know about SLIP being president before CAP because they did not know and did not care because SLIP did not care about MPC when CAP took it over because DRUGS took him over just like most of the old crew that did not bomb much after 1982 because they were to high to care. CAP did care and became a KING and 25 years later writers want to capitalize on what CAP did and write books and letters on line either because of jealousy or just trying to make money off of other writers stories. Writers want to hear the MPC story yes but not from SLIP or anybody else that soon as 1982 started was not even writing anymore while CAP and his Crew were KINGING the line




Chaps you are an asshole!We think We know who this.You mention words like drugs, yeah it was the 8o’s .Now Look at what drugs have done to the mental capabilities of the person you stick up for cmon now at least be honest.Cap cared? Put on here anytime, place, where Cap mentions anyone in MPC other than himself .You cant because it dont exist, You talk capitalizing after 25 yrs gimme me a break . ,At what point in all those years do you think would have been a good time to do a website ,write a book, or anything?Get the point?That’s exactly what Slip is trying to do get the history out there of the MPC crew.The truth is Cap has never nor will ever be able to do anything himself,That’s why it’s never been done in 25 yrs he doesnt have the tools !And instead of admitting that to himself and letting someone help him do so his ego and insecurity got in the way.Which led to him and Slip fighting.So all that bullshit hes crying about some one trying to take his glory is just that its bullshit and MPC Bronx you know it,, .Jealousy? Look at history’s work of the original MPC members and more importantly after 25 yrs being gone look at today!25 yrs ago you kinged a line, 25yrs ago you were in a movie,But,what the fuck has it done for you? and what the fuck do you do TODAY!!!!!!!


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