Letters to Slip

I mentioned awhile back I was going through all the pictures that span 30 years of the this crew along with alot of corespondance. After reading  it This is one of the best if not the best emails I recieved when i 1st came back.And although this person got involved with issues i felt were none of his business  which led to some things that were said in anger from both of us.I still respect his point of view because he had some valdity to it.Fewwwwww yes I can say that now as i look back over a year.Anyway what makes it special is Its just an email but, its written like an excerpt from a page of a book (get it) and that page was a short period of both of our lives but, so valid with the ending of my writing days and his new relationship with MPC.You cant make this shit up .Here is part of it enjoy—

Hi John,

Glad to know happy endings do exist for old writers. I’m 48 now so I qualify on both counts.You and I bombed together only once, but what a night to remember.It was you who called me after I’d met you with Tracy and told you that I wanted to meet Cap and set the meeting up.career as it was the intro to  —- and I had been having problems with black and spanish writers on Broadway and needed to roll deep to survive. My alliance with Cap provided us both with penetration on lines neither of us hit previously. For me it was the 2,5 and 6’s. For Cap it was the 1’s and 3’s.We met you guys on Kingsbridge across the street from the armory that night and we took you to the 1 yard. We got chased by workers who were throwing steel rivets at us until Cap pulled out on them. We left the 1 yard and hit the ghost yard . You were doing JL throw-ups that night. This time we had to leave when the rains came down mid-bombing. You quit shortly after that. I believe AD and Caban were with us too. Needless to say —- and I were gassed as hell to link up with MPC. Memories




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