As this year ends,

My wife often says to me .You act like you’re gonna die tommorro. Well 2 things I know for a fact at my age now ,it goes fast, and I’m lucky to be here.So with that said I wanted to do a years best so to speak with some of the people who i have painted with.Albuquerque isnt quite known as the hot bed of the Graffiti world .But, know this there is a lot of talent  and a lot of knowledge about whats up.After all they had Agree  ATK and Doc help pioneer the town on graff which motivated guys like Amen ,Sofa,Pesa, Mase and many others.They also had   Giant out here but, according to some he has never mentioned it hence the animosity towards him from a lot of the heads here.Me and my brother came rolling on the scene in 08.!I met my Boy Pesa May 08 in The Bronx,he was chill enough to invite me to his house to paint.That is still one of my favorite pieces ever.Then in Oct I spoke to Sofa for the 1st time  through Bem and  we met the whole crew at the Acme yard,.Were not out here – every piece and putting it on you tube because it’s not our hustle .We do it for the love and fun of it.When I started painting I never thought it would turn into what it has in the past couple years.Its goten to the point were work gets in the way of it.Im like a kid planning to hit the lay-ups sneaking out of my house waiting on the corner of Radcliff and Morris park.I could see Colt coming over the hill on Fowler from Bronxdale then we go to Paulding to get Rock @ the Bakery that he lived above.Then strait up Paulding  to Esplanade.That is due to the people mentioned above.I came out here a long time ago in bad shape stayed @ the Trade Winds Motel on Central. I didn’t choose N.M I believe it choose me.I feel the same about the people in my life now Thank You.Alright the 1st one and it wasnt to long ago is with my boy Cav.A little background I wanted to kill him that day LOL ask Went .he complained about every cap I gave.He wasnt happy with his piece which came out he drove me nuts.Then we went to Amen’s for dinner and of course they treat him like King Tut they serve him beers, food, have him sign Black books lol.I was like yo we got to go .he wanted to move in,,Anyway here it is lighting up Acme on a weekend,,

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One Response to As this year ends,

  1. AMEN1..ROF..TUM..MPC..SV says:

    Haa..Word up Slip3..In the place to be. You know anybody can make a crew..but it’s who is in the crew that makes the crew what they are. This crew is fam. Dope year, dope times, great memories.

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