Slip- Chale- Arte

Managed to get some house work out-of-the-way with a 4 day week end.As if painting Sat wasn’t enough crazy thing was i was ready to do it again on Sun.I have to say at some point i thought id get piecing out of my system. Then i could work on all the artsy shit im working on but,it hasn’t happened to the degree some people think i need to be doing it to.. Ive done 3 new canvases this year.I got plenty of material but, canvas is a whole different mind-set and really it’s just not as fun as piecing.The winds where howling as we were trying to finish this one down in San -Ho,,Arte is a student of Chale’s in school,,By the time we got done the shadows were thick.Still a good day

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2 Responses to Slip- Chale- Arte

  1. *PESA* says:

    Glad Arte was able to show up..I did a sketch of his real name for him way back when he was in elementary school… And it’s called “San Jo” you pinche huero. Viva la MPC!

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