Slip- Pesa the Sticks,,,

You got to make it quick when your in the sticks.Yo sometimes I think Pesa just likes to keep me on my toes. Cause this spot im not joking  the wall was 1/2 ruffled metal and half wall.Then you had some dogs that wouldn’t stop fucking barking.that’s the difference between dogs in my neighborhood and dogs from the hood. The ones in the hood You tell shhhsh .And they get twice as mad and growl more. That coupled with the bitch that popped her head over the wall missing 3 teeth crooked eye looking like cyclops  talkin about What You doing? Man anyone else i would have got back in my car.But you know sometimes its good to remember where you come from.It didn’t matter what the surface of the wall was like as a kid you just wanted to get your name on it so Pesa made his point.Don’t get me wrong and i told him Yo im a middle age man i don’t need to stay hungry.You have seen my waistline haven’t you ? lol.Anyway had a good day got meet an old school cat from here Mike 360 and a couple of other people.We discussed all the cool products you can get @ my favorite local shop the LA Underground lol!!! and some of the people who have rolled through over the years Phase 2, Ket, and others,,Check out a couple of quick ones,,

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3 Responses to Slip- Pesa the Sticks,,,

  1. Joey says:

    Ah shit the Bomba baby

  2. *PESA* says:

    The hood is where I feel most comfortable…remember Slip I’m brown so when I paint in certain parts of town I get harassed the shit out of. I’ve gotten pulled over 15 times cruising the lone highways imagine in town! It sucks being a bald, hansdome hispanic that drives classics cars. Ohh yeah and thanks for the can of black my favorite white guy. PESA MPC

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