LA Underground -Cirq walls

You know the saying its never to late to put a new shine on a old shoe,Well, That’s definitely what was up  with this collaboration with(The ladder man)  Else ICR and Putos from Australia.My man Else was  was no joke on that ladder 12′ on the top step shiiiiiiiiiit.I aint going to front, Nope Slip was  not now, not ever, getting on a ladder to that degree,,4 steps that’s right 4 maybe 5 steps up tops.What ? You think im playin?Yeah i know (Pussy) heard dat shit all day SLIP wont get on the Ladder.You are  Slip from the MPC crew right? What happened to you? lol,,,This wall was 3 days well we didnt get started till like 2:00 sat so 2 1/2.Anyway  ive talked to Else on the internet for awhile  finally got to meet in person very cool dude,I also had the pleasure of meeting some other  talented writers from LA and else where through Unek CBS,,Great week  in the 505 for Graffiti great week for art period!!!Enough of the bullshit ck out these flicks,,,

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