Action shots around town,,,

This has been a weekend to definitely remember.These walls have been in the works for 3 days tomorrow ill def have more pics and names of writers and the finished walls,Some great talent in the 505 this week fo sure,ck it,,,,,,,

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3 Responses to Action shots around town,,,

  1. Joey says:

    Now that’s wassup

  2. Perl One STK says:

    What’s up Slip…….I just want to give props to Unek CBS. Piece was dedicated to my homie Gil One H2S*STK, who past away last sunday. Lost his battle to cance r. It’s a nice piece, love the way he but his thoughts into it, such a solid piece……I’m glad to know that we are connected through our love for the graffiti arts. Stay up guys, your doing a hello of a job…….invite me Nxt time, I would love to find my new graffiti familia here in Burque!……..sincerly; PERL STK GC

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