Slip -DoPe-sa

I pulled up to this wall it was all of 5′ I didn’t know what to do.I just said ah f@#$ it and did this funky thing, Just another piece right? There is always next week,,Anyway  Had a great day the weather was beautiful ,Pesa and his boy Snake bought out a couple of their classics which drew some attention from some other classic owners .The shit was a convention on classic cars down in San Ho while the cans were going,Some dude had on a Pesa WST shirt and didn’t know he was actually talking to the brother that designed it! That had to feel good he could have chosen a dozen designs but, he was rocking Pesa’s,,While Pesa was finishing up I knocked out this Throwie been a long time i was real rusty,,im serious,,,,I think we also convinced the home owner on the corner to do his wall,,

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4 Responses to Slip -DoPe-sa

  1. *PESA* says:

    Your narration of how the day went is right on the money! Till next time holmes!

  2. cro~ism says:

    Like that DOPESA alot.

  3. bukue..bfm..mpc says:

    Both u guys put it down big dog!

  4. Joey says:

    Nice classic SLIP

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