John150 Blade The Crazy 5

This picture here is very significant for me and some 30 yrs later has come full circle for me,John was the 1st person i went to the layups with and Blade was the one i admired the most coming up,There is one great  memory I have  in my brain one night me and Colt
started bombing from Janel towers (stick outs) going towards the tunnel we got in there and Blade was by himself  doing a whole car.I remember the sweepers were  in their cleaning ,Lights on in the train,Me and Colt were sitting on the 3rd rail we were all bullshiting like we were  at the park playing ball. For that brief time we weren’t worried about being raided,who was there ,Trains coming and going.We acted like we owned that tunnel, that was our playground,After wards we all  went to the rainbow diner on Pelham Parkway and had a cheeseburger deluxe the perfect ending to the night and 30 yrs later a childhood memory i will never forget,,,,,

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