The West at its best,,Chaz Bojorquez

I had the honor of meeting this gentlemen and his wife and out side of being the godfather so to speak of west coast writing,He was one of the most down to earth people eve met.Ill be honest I really didn’t know of west coast writing origins.  I grew up in the Bronx i was in a cocoon and I was just out of it so long.So to get some insight from this  guy was awesome.And the manner in which he did was like receiving a gem.What i mean is you know how you take and learn something from someone you respect and you utilize that in your own life?Well with him it wasn’t the history it was the way he conveyed it to not only me but, others.I asked to take a pic with him i stand next to his work, He turns to me he says lets stand in front of yours,,,Yo need i say more,,Lets just say i put that shit in my pocket and hope to use those skills with in my own translation when i deal with people.All that aside checkout the works of Chaz Bojorquez,

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