Style Wars Screening

When you think of MPC this guy (1st on left ) Bom 5 isn’t what most people think of as being down with this crew.Well its true both him and his brother Bane were.Bom5 ,Rook,RiP,  aren’t the most recognized members of this crew in this movie,and as i look at this flick this is exactly the kind of event that the most famous member of this crew should be at,,,But this right here is the reality of the whole situation  he isn’t, hasn’t been,and wont be! You would think some of the people in his corner would be helping him to be part of some of these type of shows.But,Then again I think those people really don’t care about lectures,art, they’re interested in MPC but, not the MPC that Slip and Colt started.There interested in the one that Cap put them in.Thats the history they want to be  known  for there not interested in writing . They are not interested in art, The only history there interested in being associated with is we went over people,We were the baddest crew out there,nobody fucked with us.You get  some of these same people one on one and believe me there not that tough, These are the same people who told BOM 5 he was never down with MPC ,there the same MPC that wouldn’t be caught in the same room with people like  Mare,Haze, and Cey.There just not interested in that,,,,There interested in bullshit,,,

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