Sest(Kass) Nejm MPC Venom,,

Strait outa Mass,,My boy Kass has got the bug, and with the help of Nejm pulled off this burner.When i spoke to Kass he said two things that stick out .Yo this Montana paint is nice,,And bro im tired!!!lol Yeah this is a young mans game but us old guys still get it done,,,shout outs to Nejm and Venom for holding it down,,,

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3 Responses to Sest(Kass) Nejm MPC Venom,,

  1. Joey says:

    Thanks john

  2. VENOM LMA says:

    That was a great day. These dudes actually got me outta bed before 12 on a sunday. Now I got the bug again! Shout out To Kass and Big Nejm Rock! It was mad cool meeting kass, it’s always good to paint with some O.GEES.
    Much spect due to MPC.

    El Prez. LMA crew Lynn Massachusetts.

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