There has been a little controversy as of late about who the real Stay High 149 is ,Anyway it makes a very hard case for the Spanish one to have when he has no proof as in pictures, any one vouching for him from that time frame etc.Like many others I grew up always thinking and now @ this point really believing that Wayne is the true Stayhigh 149.As Ive said before even if the Spanish dude wrote it 1st whats the motive?Meaning one wouldn’t go out of there way to say they wrote a name that is insignificant .And when you are talking about the foundation of graffiti history that is what rubs people the wrong way.So no matter how many times you say im not trying to take anything away from Wayne but,Stay High 149 you are because if it was a different name that nobody knows nobody would care anyway.Do you understand that?

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  1. joey says:

    amen to that

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