I had to take this from Blade ,When i went back to N.Y. Blade told me I have a surprise for you coming.I didnt think much of  it @ the time but, when that surprise turned out to be Rolieo I was floored.I knew rolieo from way back in da day from Olinville ave.Anyway the craziest part was he said to me you know the last time i seen you? No when? he pulls out a black book with my piece ,and tag  from 1987 over 20 yrs.So I gladly signed it again I had a great time on that trip.You know some people think well I just left and now I live in another world I cant relate.What they dont understand is @ that time in my life I had to leave.At that time every once of my being was in those streets from Bryant and Seneca ,to Pelham Parkway and if i didnt leave i wouldnt be here today to write this,,,Any way here is a couple of bonus pics of some smoking whole cars from Blade,,

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