Kid167R.I.P. Ace5MPC

People might see this and judge but, this is so real most people can’t touch this kind of history.between the 2 of these guys they don’t have a lot of pictures of train work,, this one shot is all that is needed. This was done when these guys were like 12 years old.think about that 12 yrs old,,Yeah there wasn’t a lot of stability well ill speak for our home.Kid 167 later went on to be seen in Style Wars with Duster U.A. and others,,He left us shortly there after sad but, so many others also  left us to soon.anyway here is a classic —Kid167 and Ace 5,,,Recognize

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One Response to Kid167R.I.P. Ace5MPC

  1. AMEN1..ROF..TUM..MPC..SV says:

    Get down ACE5!!!

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