Jason Anderson Rules at the Ranch

You have seen some of those pics i posted of my son in the air on his bike?Well this young man was a peer of my son.As a family we spent a good 10 yrs racing  and im a firm believer it had a big part in molding my son into the person he is today.As much as part of me would have loved for him to race for a living it just wasnt in the cards.Like any other sport,art form,it’s very hard to earn a living doing so,Any way this up coming year my son will begin college and Jason will begin his road into the te world of pro MX.Congratulations Jason and all the best in the future.Here is a shot from way back in da day of a young Jason # 119 with his dad Mike @ a local arena x event we went to every yr when they were kids,,,I have many shots of sleep overs racing but, this one is great it shows how fast the years go by.And like anything else the kind of commitment to hone ones craft takes,,,,The horizon award is the equivalent of winning the CY Young award in amateur MX,,A huge feat.This upcoming year we will see Jason in the big stadiums making his mark on the Superx class cant wait !!!!!

Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green rider Jason Anderson put an end to his stellar amateur career with some dominating performances at the 2010 Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships.

Jason captured the 450A national championship in the most dramatic of circumstances. He entered the final moto of his amateur career with a 1 -1 moto score, making him the favorite to run away with the title. Hopes seemed to be dashed as Jason got entangled in two pileups soon after the start and a spectacular crash in the rollers after the Ten Commandments. Jason was in dead last place but charged through the pack showing incredible speed and heart. Jason would finish in 5th place which captured the national title.

Jason capped off the fairy tale by earning the AMA Horizon Award for most outstanding and promising rider,,

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