Slip,Chale a quick one,,,,

It seems like every time we get together we never have anything planned  and were working off scraps for the most part.The cool part is we seem to always pull it off..The blue background started as a purple buff which we didn’t have enough of.So i went  to get some more while i was gone he took some tan roller buff  he had and created that backgound .So we worked off that .My favorite little part is the arriba arriba and beep beep ! Which Chale hooked up with some scrap lime green i had left over.Next time were going in with a plan,Wait that might mess everything up,,,

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One Response to Slip,Chale a quick one,,,,

  1. DOSE says:

    nice I like this ,the colors MPC BOY puttin in work let it be known ha ha ha

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