Futura2000 still holds up,,Original stuff then and now,,

When you talk about different for the era this definitely falls in that category.I remember it well,,During this time frame is when I was hanging with Tracy 168 tight.And through him  i met this whole group  before style wars Crash, Daze,Lady Pink,Cey,Freedom, etc,, Yeah not names you really associate with an MPC member.But I was there.This is  before they all kind of blew up . I remember the music of that era, I can remember crusin in a white Mercedes with someone who owned the gallery in the canal st area.I remeber Joyce Tobin, I remember New Home ,I remember Rays Pizza, I remember pearl paints, I remember great times,I REMEMBER,,,,,

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6 Responses to Futura2000 still holds up,,Original stuff then and now,,

  1. PAGE ONE says:

    Are you talking about ‘graffiti above ground’ on Hudson just below 14 street? They had some cool shows there. Tracy168, Crash, Lady Pink, Daze, Cey and Freedom all had work there, as well as Noc167, Mitch77, Erni [Rush’s cousin], Wasp, and a few others. The only gallery I ever saw Mitch77 up in.

  2. PAGE ONE says:

    I write Page. I was a new writer when I started going to graffiti above ground in 1980. Went with writers like Sharp, Shaker, Dark1. About a year ago Quik told me he was going to a art show [not graff] downtown, and when I showed up I realized it was the graffiti above ground building, I couldn’t remember if it was the same floor. I thought cool, I’ve been here a long time ago.
    There are a couple of newspaper articles about graffiti above ground as well as tons of other articles in SaneSmith’s newspaper article archive @ http://tagbomb2.ltvsquad.com/LibAll.php?Sec=Library . If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should.

    • mpcrew says:

      Page? I vaguely remember that,!980 sounds right that was according to the pics my biggest yr.I don’t remember Sharp I know of him and delta but, i don’t remember meeting him,My memory isn’t the best, During that time i was hanging tight w Tracy 168 that’s kind of how i became familiar w it,,Which was cool right before that circle of writers kind of blew up w canvas work Crash Cey Pink etc,,Speaking of Pink I’m going to be part of a show with her and others which im looking forward to here in the S.W.http://516arts.org/exhibitions.html ill post pics later this week, Ill check out that site peace,,,,

  3. PAGE ONE says:

    We were some of the younger writers at the gallery. When I first went to Graff above ground Sharp had yet to partner with Delta 2. When they got together they killed it.

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