You have heard me speak about the abundance of talent that’s out there world wide.Well this guy falls in that category and deservingly so!This is the same Eaz from the FX crew .Yes that FX crew the same one that Ces and big Per are from.Eaz has helped take Graffiti and legitimized it  into a recognized  art form  that it deserves.If you were ever wondering about some of the technics of color ,lettering, blending,characters,ect,this is your opportunity to learn from one of the best out there. Anyone can learn something from these video’s from the beginner to the seasoned vet.If your a fan of  graffiti, art ,or want to own something worth having ,then you need to go get a copy of the latest ( The Future Of Graffiti Volume 2) In volume 2 there is a cool what he calls the colorizer which helps you plan your  color scheme before you even get to your wall, train etc,If you havent bought volume 1 check that out to.Graffiti is a competitive art form its like racing do you want to run in the back of the pack?or do want to shoot for being the best you can be? These are great tools to help with the latter,,Dont Snooze, click here——–http://eaz-one.com/

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5 Responses to Eaz-One.com

  1. kass1mpc origs says:

    eaz shit that boy is smoking

  2. Juse FUA says:

    That’s what’s up! Eaz is definitely no joke. Mad props!!!

  3. MadStan says:

    Dat’s my boy!!!
    EAZ-is the shit

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