Shorty5 The Crazy 5

This is one of the guys who got me interested in Graff.We hung out a lot .It kind of was my coming of age w drugs and alcohol.Yeah we start early.We had some similarities although he was older we were both in Phoenix house (drug Treatment) on 74thst.1st i was in the day program then the 24 hr i was a teenager.Most people don’t know but, my 1st actual fame came by way of being on the Phil Donahue show with the topic being about something like youth and drugs today.That was through that program.That same year (1978) I was the 2nd group of kids ever to be part of that( Scared Strait) program which took place @ Rahway State Prison .I remember going to sears on Fordham and my mother buying a brown suede sweater and a pair of tough skin jeans to wear on the show,lol I’m currently trying to track down video through NBC so well see ,,Most people don’t realize a couple of things 1- It was a very small window of time in which we did our thing,2-I was 16 17 when i stopped writing and 1980 was my biggest yr. But in that time frame we had great times and put in a lot of work!

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