B.P.Oil Sever Msk

Had to take this from F. B. I work in politics so i try to stay away from giving my 2 cents but,Can you believe a corporation as wealthy and large not having a solution to whats happening now? The real question to ask is what is the criteria for allowing to permit (drill)?Answer MONEY !Lobby the politicians to make laws that they want ( oil industry),Banking system,the list goes on and on.Dont you know when companies fail they want (socialism) taxpayers  to bail them out..When they profit they keep it all !  Why? Because the laws that are in place the lobbiest pay politicians to make! You see they dont work for the people they work for the companies that help finance there election to get that seat. The President gets paid 400 grand a yr .Google how much was spent to get elected.Now multiply that all the way down to your smallest  elected seat in any municapality.Thats our current system folks,,Did you receive your check when you failed @ anything? I thought so,,

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