Elf Mpc R.I.P.

Its going to be nice when shit settles down to have a site that documents this crew’s history.We own the domain but ,With trying to get this book deal we certainly don’t want to put all these pics with peoples history out there yet.But, when we do ,it will be one of the most interesting documented history’s out there.As most know it far exceeds Graffiti. With a R.I.P. list that rivals a small platoon,That coupled with all other members and their history fogetabotit.Its fare to say There aren’t any other crews that are quite the same.This is one of the things i get fired up about in all  these yrs no one had even tried.Here’s a video of a man whose talent far exceeded a piece on a train,,

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4 Responses to Elf Mpc R.I.P.

  1. AMEN1..ROF..TUM..MPC..SV says:


  2. SC ONE says:

    I grew up seeing his tags EVERYWHERE in the neighborhood.

  3. desism says:

    rip my brother..

  4. cro~ism says:

    Dude was a true individual..In every sense of the word.

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