The Real StayHigh 149?

After speaking to a friend to check this out i said what most people probably said (get the fuckoudahere).questions like  who cares?Or it cant be !After watching it ive come to 2 conclusions 1- This guy is bright and articulate.It doesn’t seem like he needs anything from Graffiti other than to tell the truth .You be the judge,,,

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8 Responses to The Real StayHigh 149?

  1. AMEN1..ROF..TUM..MPC..SV says:

    Wack! i don’t buy it. This dude hit me up on Facebook and MySpace to be friends. I denied him both times. Check it..I don’t care if you wrote Tracy168 before he did. Its about what Tracy168 did with that name. Or if you wrote Cornbread before Cornbread did. This dude didnt do jack shit and he admits it but to come back 39 years later and try to catch fame off of what StayHigh149 did, your jokin!! I’m koo. I rather have a dope NYC map signed by the black StayHigh149 then this wannabe.

  2. StayHigh149 says:

    The interview is not about fame, I have never taken credit nor will I take credit for what Wayne did, it’s about who wrote it first, I always said he can keep the fame, but don’t go around saying your the original when you’re not. I’m sure if some one said you was a liar and that you never wrote Amen1, you would go out of your way to prove them wrong… No one has said that Wayne didn’t write SH149, all I’m saying is that I wrote it before he did, get it straight…

  3. AMEN1..ROF..TUM..MPC..SV says:

    And what Im sayin is it doesnt matter that you wrote it first. All that matters is StayHigh149 rocked it and thats all that matters.

  4. StayHigh149 says:

    It’s not all that matters – that was my style of writing that he bit – he may have “rocked it” because I left NY, but I wrote it 4 5 yrs, and it was my unique tag. I came back to the scene all these years later, and because it WAS my tag, I started using it again, and it was then that I realized what Wayne had done with it. I didn’t try to belittle or minimize the work he did, but all of a sudden I was being attacked for using something that was rightfully mine. I would have been perfectly content using my tag without it being famous, yet it is famous due to Wayne’s work – but the style of this tag is MINE – and I’ll be damned if he, or any1 else, get’s credit for creating it. So u see, it matters who wrote it 1st – same age old question, which came 1st, the egg or the chicken. Would the tag have been so famous because it was unique n different, or because it was put everywhere? My tag would not be this famous if not for Wayne, but would Wayne have this tag if not for me? That’s a question that’ll never be answered, no matter what side of the fence you’re on.

  5. AMEN1..ROF..TUM..MPC..SV says:

    StahyHigh149 was distend to rock rather with that name or Voice of the Ghetto. This whole story is about FAME, name of the game. Lets say you didn’t write Stahyhigh, lets say you wrote OrangeJuice. You wrote it for a min and then you vanished, you never wrote again. But at the same time somebody else wrote OrangeJuice and he never became anything, he vanished like you did. you come back 40years later and say “I’m the original OrangeJuice” but it doesnt really matter because nobody made the name famous. Nobody would care. But since the name is well known through history because ONE person made it famous now its ok to “defend” it. This whole story is irrelevant in my book and to many others I conversant with. Let it be and move on. Enjoy your hip-hop graffiti shop. You earned it. Peace out.


  6. CLASS OF 1972 says:

    You gotta be kidding. Its all about the name, the style, ups and what you do with it. This clown did nothing with it and now hes resurfacing damn near 40 years later and claiming hes the original? Get the fuck outta here! Whatever your motive is, it will never fly. Stick to selling bootleg CD’s and airbrush t-shirts in your little hip hop shop in PR. The graff community(something you have NO input in what so ever) has already perceived you as the ultimate fool. Forget all this and just go get me a piragua…..

  7. Matoner says:

    What Amen1 said.

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