Big ups to my boy Kass

I got to congratulate my boy Kass on his promotion at work,, Six yrs of prison came out busted his ass,Took care of business ,was given a opportunity for a good job continued to bust his ass,After 8 yrs with the a company the company decided  Kass has proven he got what it takes to Run the Joint ,He is now the highest paid Mngr in his district  running his own store got a raise that some people don’t make a yr, stock options the whole shabang! Not bad for a H.S. education huh?Sometimes common sense and street smarts far exceeds a Masters degree,Yeah it can be hard but, you got to keep on keeping on and that’s just what my boy did! Pay attention!! Im going to say this once ready? You may think you have all sorts of friends in your life but, the reality is there just acquaintances.A friend is someone who are  there through thick and thin someone you can be honest with etc.Do an honest inventory of your so called friends you’ll see im right.You will go through your whole life and you-ll be lucky to count them on one hand,,! if you have more than that cherish it, that includes your own family,Yeah i said it!Mr.Kass im proud of you and thanks for being a friend,,,P.S Shhhh don’t tell Rock 161 Mother Fucker be asking for all types of loans,,,lol,,

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One Response to Big ups to my boy Kass

  1. Joey says:

    Thank u john and ur absolutely correct a friend is truly hard to find slipkid we have been to hell and beyond and we have beat a lot of odds I tell u and the world I’m so proud of our friendship thays right over 32yrs ur more than just my boy ur my brothet bro

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